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6 Underrated Christian Rap Artists From Canada

The Christian Rap scene is predominantly found within the United States with many artists coming up from there. However, America’s friendly neighbor, Canada has a lot of dope talent that are making moves in CHH. Here are six underrated Christian artists from Canada.


Phaino was born in Iraq but moved to Canada when he was one, practically being raised in the city of Toronto, Ontario. He has been around music his whole life being as his father is a musician himself. From a young age, Phaino fell in love with R&B and Pop records and got started writing music at the age of 13 by remixing his favorite hip-hop tracks.

Phaino started taking music seriously four years ago alongside Sebastian (audio engineer) and Ezzo (music producer). Initially, he released hip-hop/rap songs but his heart was within the R&B/Pop genre. After consistent practice and determination, in God’s timing, he was able to find his sound when he released his debut EP CASANOVA.

Phaino’s proudest moments include having his music played on Canada’s biggest hip-hop radio station Flow 93.5 based in Toronto. He has received acknowledgment from Andy Mineo and has had his music streamed millions of times over 96 different countries.

He also just dropped a deluxe version of his 2nd EP Nights Like This in October, which fuses R&B, pop, and dance music together. He strives to consistently put out quality music and visuals, and market his music to gain exposure.

Phaino has a sound that is like no other, especially in the CHH space, and is set to make big moves to bring the Toronto culture forward. Follow Phaino on Instagram

Anthony Sawyers

Anthony Sawyers is a rapper from Brampton, Ontario, who has been making hip-hop music since 2014. Anthony was inspired to make music after listening to lyrical rappers such as Eminem, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco. He used to battle rap in high school and hearing these artists inspired him to pick up the mic and tell his own stories.

Anthony’s proudest moment was opening for Flame in 2018 and opening for Dream Junkies during their Toronto tour date. He is also grateful for selling 100 physical copies of his debut EP Room Full Of Heroes in its first week.

He is set to drop a Christmas song in December titled “Rudolph,” which features Phil Darko and Rochelle Watt.

There is no question that Anthony’s intricate lyrics and flows have the “Toronto sound” and his message is always directing hope towards his listeners. Follow Anthony Sawyers on Instagram


BKE is a 19-year old artist from Waterloo, Ontario. BKE (aka Eddie) was born in Guyana, South America but moved to Canada in 2015. He has been making music since 2018, dropping songs on SoundCloud.

While Eddie was at camp, he felt his calling to minister to the youth, through making music. His older brother, Jaynotori helped produce and engineer Eddie’s debut album. As of now, Eddie has written, recorded, and engineered over 20 songs plus features independently to push his music and share the Gospel to today’s youth by making his songs relatable to them.

Eddie’s proudest moments include having his friend get saved through his music and building relationships with artists such as Mike Teezy, Battz, MvkeyyJ, Caleb Gordon, and Henrik.

He has a couple of things in the works, such as a song about the circle of falling into sin and coming back to God, titled “Circles” and a song about his personal story, titled “Who Am I,” both dropping in November. He is also working on a Christmas album which he hopes to drop in December.

Eddie’s goals include having the opportunity to speak and minister to the youth as well as working with artists such as Sire and WeAreLundi.

He’s a very versatile artist who is not afraid of being vulnerable in his songs. He has a dope sound that can adapt to different styles which he uses to make music that today’s youth can relate to. Follow BKE on Instagram

Gabby Callwood

Gabby Callwood is another 19-year old artist from Durham, Ontario, who has been making music more seriously since 2017. She started off making “non-christian” music until God spoke to her, which made her seek Him. Gabby got saved in 2020 during the pandemic and took a break from making music. However, in 2021, she posted a video of her singing and making music on her close friend’s Instagram story which was viewed by Jordan May, an artist from Texas who saw potential in her. He flew her out to Texas to make an album together alongside artist S A I N T. From there, their song “Real Love” took off on TikTok and Gabby started dropping her own music again feeling a strong calling towards it.

Gabby’s proudest moment is being able to release music that glorifies God and being able to reach people around the world through her music.

She is currently growing herself in the Lord and keeping Him as her first priority. Gabby’s goal is to reach the masses with her music and share the gospel with the many non-believers that follow her journey.

Gabby is an amazing artist with a great calling, who stays true to the Gospel which is evident in her songwriting. Her music is ministering to the youth through scripture and is pointing non-believers to Jesus. Follow Gabby Callwood on Instagram


Ayomilly is a rapper from Toronto, Ontario who has been making music since 2015. He was heavily influenced by the Christian hip-hop scene that he started writing lyrics and recording songs when he was in Grade 10.

Milly’s proudest moments include featuring on the front page of a magazine based out of the United Kingdom.

He has been working on putting out a collection of songs titled “I’M DOING WELL.” He has released them as singles previously but has now dropped them as a project. Other than that, he is working to consistently release singles every Monday to grow as an artist exponentially.

Milly’s work ethic and dedication to his craft have to be commended. His flow and cadence positively represent the “6ix” and are set to grow within CHH, bringing a fresh sound to listeners. Follow Ayomilly on Instagram

Scribe Music

Scribe is a rapper from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has been making music since 2009 but has taken it more seriously since 2014. He had been making poetry to music at the time when his friend dared him to rap on a beat she found online. Scribe made the track and posted it on Facebook. The track blew up in his hometown which resulted in a producer reaching out and offering to make his first official track. From there, Scribe had an itch to make music and use it to share the gospel and his story.

Scribe’s proudest moments include starting a family. In music, it’s releasing his first studio album and having it hit #1 on the iTunes charts the first day.

He is currently sitting on 12 singles that he’s waiting to release. He says “I’m just really enjoying the stage that I’m at, in music, there’s no pressure to release or even create because of some ‘unrealistic expectation.’ I know when I drop… its FIRE, and my heart is in it.”

Scribe is a very talented artist who is able to adapt to various styles. He makes rapping look easy through his bars and pen game and is just getting started. Follow Scribe Music on Instagram

Did you know these Christian Rap artists were from Canada? Who else should we include in our list?

Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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