5 Underrated Christian Rap Producers (Part 3)

Finding dope Christian Rap producers nowadays can be challenging as there are so many options available. In this article, we are going to make that search a little bit easier. Read Part 2 here


Avila is a music producer from Orlando, Florida who has been making music since the age of 13. The producer tapped in with his creative side by seeing his step-dad who was a producer, DJ, and engineer himself, make music.

Unfortunately, due to some personal adversities, his family was forced to sell their musical equipment in order to survive.

He picked up making music again when he was 15 and started going crazy with rapping and producing. He says his environment involving music and his drive to make it a career motivated him to put in the hard work. His inspirations include Timbaland, Gawvi, and Dirty Rice.

Avila has worked with many artists in CHH including, Wande, YB, Chris Soul, 1KPson, Jude Barclay, MvkeyyJ, K-Drama, Datin, Mitch Darrell, and more. His accolades include winning the 2018 beat battle at Trackstarz Flavor Fest, being featured as ESPN’s Detroit’s upcoming producers, working for City Takers (a non-profit organization), and landing multiple TV placements such as All American and Jersey Shore.

He is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, and is working on records with Angie Rose, Wande, Hulvey, and Deraj. He is also working on a project of his own that showcases his all-around talent as an artist, producer, and engineer. Avila’s goal is to make more connections with artists and build a relationship with them. Follow Avila on Instagram

Jay Boskie

Jay Boskie is a music producer from Columbus, Ohio who started making music at the age of 17. His dad bought him a drum machine which sparked his interest in music production. He kept on working to expand his skill and acquire new equipment.

Boskie started on Maschine but switched to FL Studio after discovering how easy it was to use. He lists his inspiration as Internet Money and Zaytoven as he used to watch a lot of their beat-making videos on YouTube.

Boskie has worked with artists such as BigBreeze, GodFearin, ScootieWop, Aha Gazelle, Aaron Patterson, Ray Knowledge, and 1KElijah. His proudest moments include getting a Rapzilla article written about him (a goal which he physically wrote on a 2019 calendar), having a song he produced played on the radio, and landing a placement on a Taco Bell ad for TikTok.

Boskie moved to Atlanta, Georgia for college and is currently residing there while working on projects with BigBreeze and MainMain. His goals include working with Lecrae and bringing the producer community together through his Twitch streams, Discord server, and Instagram lives. Follow Jay Boskie on Instagram

ADØE Beatz

Adoe Beatz is a music producer from Spartanburg, South Carolina who has been producing since he was in high school when one of his friends introduced him to Garageband. He spent his lunch-time, almost every day, learning about the DAW and experimenting with sounds until three years ago when he took production more seriously and bought a Mac and upgraded to Logic Pro X.

Adoe has produced for artists such as Nachaash, Weez the Satellite Kiid, Rockstar Jt, Prodigyl, Chiwaz, and many more. Some of his music accolades include scoring three short films, commercials for local insurance companies, and performing those scores during live-action plays/films. 

He recently dropped a song titled “Motivation” featuring Nachaash and Weez the Satellite Kid. He also has a single dropping on Black Friday titled “The Connect” which features Brittanie Tea. The young producer is currently working with Chiwaz on a song that features three dope CHH artists, as well as a cypher featuring Q-flo, Outr.Cty, Alcott, Prodigyl, Mitch Darrell, Scribe Music, JusJames, and Kody Free. 

Adoe’s biggest goal is to become a full-time music producer/engineer that works with numerous up-and-coming artists to spread the gospel, grow together, and be a positive influence on the world. Follow Adoe on Instagram

Timmy Bone

Timmy Bone is a 19-year-old music producer from Atlanta, Georgia, who has been making music since 2016. He has always had an interest in music creation, which led to him watching a lot of producer videos on YouTube. He then started practicing his craft on Garageband and learned that he could turn it into a business, which resulted in him researching and working towards it. Timmy is inspired by producers such as Carvello and Wow Eli.

He has worked with artists like Raw-B, Chris Trent, Kevi Morse, Xay Hill, Currentt, Ray Knowledge, Kurtis Hoppie, Daniel AMP, and has collaborated with producers such as Yagirllayc, Jay Boskie, and Red Jon. His accomplishments include, executively producing Raw-B’s War 2 EP and appearing in Jude Barclay’s “high school never really ends” music video and in Chris Trent’s “Chosen” video featuring Kurtis Hoppie.

Timmy is currently in Florida for college and working on Chris Trent’s album and on records with Kevi Morse. His goals include producing a track for TJ Caroll and Jude Barclay (as he makes a lot of guitar beats of similar style) and being able to pursue music full-time. Follow Timmy Bone on Instagram


Tahi is a music producer from the Bay Area who has been producing since he was a freshman in high school. As a child, Tahi could play the piano and drums as his family is musically gifted. He fell in love with rap and started experimenting with the genre until NK4, an artist also from the Bay Area, helped mentor him. As he kept working, Tahi realized he has always had an ear for music production and wanted to pursue it. He lists his inspirations as BrvndonP, Pierre Bourne, and Gawvi.

Tahi has produced for artists such as Miles Minnick, 1K Phew, NK4, Red Tips, and George.Rose. His accolades include being a part of the IONEEDUM challenge as a judge and also executively producing Miles Minnick’s debut album that drops next year.

The producer is currently working on projects with Jude Barclay, 1K Phew, George.Rose, and Joey Vantes. His goal is to become a respected music producer and composer and to build connections with as many artists as possible. Follow Tahi on Instagram

Which of these Christian Rap producers are you hearing about for the first time?

Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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