KJ-52 is not only a veteran in Christian rap music, but he’s also a pro in taking care of his body. After nearly 30 years on the road and crafting rhymes, he’s now sculpting his body.

“Sitting all day is killing America. We weren’t meant to be hunched over,” KJ explained. “We were meant for long slow walking with occasional bursts of sprints and strength movements.”

We asked KJ-52 for 3 Fitness/Exercise Tips and 3 Health Tips. Here’s what he said:

*Note: KJ is not a doctor or physical fitness coach. What works for him, may not be best or work for you. If you are new to fitness, perhaps ask your doctor first.*

3 Fitness Tips:

  • boxing (cardio)
  • Tabata (what is Tabata?) timer for HIIT (What is HIIT?) training (cardio, endurance)
  • try to eat close to your weight in grams of protein daily (meat, fish, vegetable protein)


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3 Health Tips:

3 KJ-52 Work Out Songs:

KJ-52 listed his tips, will you be following any? What other artists should we ask?