Christian Rap had a TON of drops today, so we updated the playlists and dropped them right here for you! Let us know which ones you’re listening to today!

Aaron Cole – Front Row

Dee-1 – Taking a Chance on Me

Limoblaze – Come Outside ft. Konola

R-Swift x Sho Baraka – Real Ones Winning ft. Avila

Jude Barclay – i can’t love you til my hearts found

F’rael – da’ weekend ft. Kalin Jones Cj Pitts

Cutright – AHMAGEDDIT!

Tylerhateslife – don’t give up

Red Tips – YEAH!! Remix ft. Jon Keith

Saint James – No Fake Love ft. Alphein & Lundi

Kamban – The Real McCoy ft. Ray Knowledge

BigBreeze – Roll Out

Czar Josh – Bout Time

Hyper Fenton x bodie x MoFlo Music – Mercedes

Mitch Darrell x Scribe Music – Warzone ft. Dre Murray

Mike Teezy – Dexter’s Lab

International Show – On God

Listen to the Christian Rap Playlists Below:

Here’s the main playlist:

Which of these Christian Rap songs are you listening to today?