Angie Rose released her Capitol CMG debut project Unstoppable. She’s been busy creating music videos and remixes hot off the heels of the drop. Now, she’s packaged everything together in a deluxe version.

The highlight of the album is the new track “United We Stand” featuring Datin, A.I. the Anomaly, Marvs, and Bizzle.

The live tracks are “Crying in a Jaguar,” “Angels (Selah),” and “Infatuation (Acoustic).”

The Spanish remixes are “Infatuation” and “Not a Monster” while “Unstoppable” goes global with Limoblaze and Wande.

The other batch of tracks are her pre-album singles with Capitol such as “Fight Like a Man,” “Like God,” “Infatuation,” and “What I Had with You.”

Listen to Angie Rose Below:

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