Andy Mineo talked with us about Never Land 2 & in part 6 we spoke about his realization of his asking “Am I Falling” & him saying “I Am Falling.”

“The acceptance of things I believe, I know no longer believe, and that’s ok. People that I had hope in, I no longer have hope in, and that’s ok,” he said. “That process has been helpful to me because when you’re young and so idealistic about Christianity and faith, whatever your ideals are, whatever they may be…you haven’t been punched in the face enough to know that things don’t work out always as clean as you think they will.”

He continued, “With age has been some of the acceptance of some of the brokenness of the world I live in and everything is a little messier than you think. Not everything is so clean-cut. That is the acceptance of ‘Falling’. I’m not even the person that I thought I was.”

Watch Andy Mineo Below: