Andy Mineo talked with us about Never Land 2 & in part 4 we spoke about the timing issues of a project with Lecrae. When they went in the studio to record “Been About It” they also recorded several other tracks.

The interview spoke about the “Been About It” music video which is probably being redone since the song had to be changed due to a clearance issue. However, when asked about a joint album, Andy had much to say.

“We got in the studio for three weeks and did three songs and we were originally going to start piecing them together like maybe we can have our own project or tape…But then I was like, ‘Yo, I gotta finish my album, I can’t switch gears. I gotta follow through.”

So the decision was to take the one record and put it on Andy’s, and then maybe the other two can go on Lecrae’s project, or Church Clothes, or something else.

“For real what it comes down to is spending time there and seeing what product comes out,” said Mineo. “But I would love to see that happen at some point.”

He continued sarcastically, “Since 2014 I had been telling him, ‘Yo I think we need to do a joint project’. He just gave me the, ‘Oh, I’m hot right now. I don’t want to do it’.”

“He was on a different wavelength at that time and I kept telling him, ‘This is gonna be crazy’ and he just kept shooing me off.”

Now six years later, Lecrae wants to do the joint project, and Andy says, “Nah working on my album.”

“I still would love to do it,” he said.

*Mineo said this all tongue in cheek. It was with a smile on his face. Don’t take it out of context.*

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