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10 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 20 Years Old In 2021

10 Christian Rap Albums that Turn 20 Years Old In 2021

There are a lot of Christian Rap artists in this day and age but it’s necessary for us to pay respects to the pioneers and artists before us. So here are 10 Christian Rap Albums that turned 20 years old in 2021.

Sevin – All Or None

This is Sevin’s debut album from 1999 which was re-released in September of 2001 on NGMR Records.

Notable Tracks – “Rezurrection,” “916 Wayz,” “Slow Ya Roll”

Manafest – Mislead Youth

Manafest’s debut album was released in 2001 and also part of his 4 Pack compilation album which includes My Own Thing, Epiphany, and Glory which was released in 2013.

Notable Tracks – “Freedom,” “Session,” “What’s Going On”

Mars Ill – Raw Material

Mars Ill’s Raw Material is truly a classic album for the duo of rapper Manchild and producer DJ Dust. This debut project would ultimately become your favorite rapper’s favorite album.

Notable Tracks: “Love’s Not,” “Sphere of Hip-Hop,” “Who Will Answer?”

C-Rob – Here We Go

Here We Go was C-Rob’s debut album which was released through ILL Strong Productions in 2001.

Notable Tracks – “Life Is Short,” “Be Healed,” “Time To Change”

King Cyz – Life Or Death

King Cyz’s debut album, Life or Death released in 2001 and delivers a message urging his listeners to choose life in Christ, or experience eternal damnation.

Notable Tracks – “Man Of God,” “Calvary,” “Should I Go On”

C.O.R.P.1 – Tha Bizzness

C.O.R.P.1 from Indiana released their debut album Tha Bizzness in 2001.

Notable Tracks – “Trippin,” “Take That,” “U Don’t Wanna”

Corey Red & Precise – Anthology

Anthology is Corey Red and Precise’s debut album as a duo.

Notable Tracks – “Matthew,” “Party Right,” “Don’t Sell Out”

Vizunari – Child Of God

Child Of God is Vizunari’s album released through his record label V.E.S.M.

Notable Tracks – “Straight To The Top,” “Go To Hell,” “R.A.W (Raise All Word)”

CROW – Method Of Attack

CROW’s fourth album Method of Attack was released in 2001 through Grapetree Records.

Notable Tracks – “Getto Love,” “It’s Me,” “I Wanna Live”

Peace 586 – Peace 586

Peace 568 is an O.G. of CHH as he started in the 80s with JC & the Boyz but really found success with the Tunnel Rats. His self-titled second album was his first in over five years and completed in only five days.

Notable Tracks: “Reasons,” “Peace of Praise,” Itchin”

Which of the se Christian rap albums were you listening to 20 years ago?


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