Last year, we hosted Marty from Social Club Misfits on Community During Chaos. During the conversation, he talked about his financial contributions during the pandemic.

After George Floyd’s death, many of the businesses’ buildings and products in the area were destroyed due to riots. This put many businesses in financial jeopardy. To help, Marty donated all the merch profit he made from his album Marty For President 2.

“So all the money I made from the merch went straight to [a charity]. It’s called something like Vista Street. 100% of the money goes to person and business in that area who was affected.”

Later that year, he dropped his Lofi EP Everything Hurts under the alias Me & The Boys to donate profits from that. The money from that project went to an intercity non-profit named Color Of Change

“The good thing is that on Distrokid you can literally attach money to a non-profit organization. So we were able to give 100% of that and raised about $3000 or $4000 [altogether with Marty For President profits].”

Watch Marty Below: