It’s been a week since Kanye West released Donda. It’s also been a few weeks since the music video for his song “Come to Life” was filmed in person at one of his listening party events.

In the music video, Kanye West lights himself on fire while sitting in a replica of his childhood home. He then emerges from the fire burning. It’s been said that he wasn’t allowed to set the house on fire so he opted for himself which may have created an even crazier visual.

The video closes with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian in a wedding dress walking through a crowd and Kanye meeting her through the “ashes” so to speak.

Throughout the song you hear people exalting praises, speaking in tongues, and singing “Hallelujah thank you Jesus.” He tells the Devil to get behind him and thanks God for the silver lining of his kids despite wishing he “had another life.”

Watch Kanye West Below: