A few months back GAWVI was on an episode of Pen Game 101 where he spoke about his project Noche Juvenil. For the producer and artist, he would consider it his third project instead of fourth.

“I don’t consider We Belong my first album,” GAWVI admitted. “We Belong was just me as a producer. The timing of the culture was very EDMish too. I don’t have much on there of me vocally. It’s just a lot of features. I was trying to do the Diplo thing.”

He continued, “Panorama was really my first album for me. You can see the trajectory for me in telling the story, Panorama then Heathen. So I feel Noche Juvenil is the perfect album where I’m done explaining who I am.”

“You can hear that I’m versatile with those two albums and even with We Belong you see I’m versatile. Noche Juvenil was definitely a passion project I always wanted to do even when I was a kid.

GAWVI then said he used to make reggaeton in high school. “Music that will never come out,” he said with a laugh.

During quarantine, it was a perfect time to create this album. He was going through self-growth, going back to the beginning of what he knew. There were a lot of conversations with his mom and dad and how they got to the U.S.

“It was the album that was easiest to make because I felt free.”

Watch GAWVI Below (38 minute mark):