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Christian Rap Hot Or Not Submission Winners (August)

We started handling our submissions in a new way toward the end of April where we ask our audience to vote on their favorite Christian Rap submissions of the day. Well, the winners of the August Hot or Not are in! Here they are.

All artists on this list are now on the New Christian Rap Songs Daily Playlist.

Temple – Light of the World (August 2)

DJLC – Whole Nother Level ft. QEW (August 9)

GODINA – Sheesh ft. Adrion Butler (August 12)

Joezy – I Pray (August 13)

IT da chosen 1 – Eye of the Storm ft. CHI (August 17)

GB – That’s Life (August 20)

Rio Coleman – HopeMan ft. Zee and CLOUD 9 (August 25) 

DJ LostNFound – Made It Out ft. Saint Jones & Terrance Lamar (August 27)

Roman Tilus – Long Road ft. Miles Minnick (August 31)

Which of these Christian Rap tracks is your favorite?


Written by Edward Boice

Edward Boice is a freelance journalist who, like every other writer without a fortune, is grinding hourly to keep a writing career in a video-obsessed world. Mostly known for his role of copy editor at, he also writes for local newspapers and press releases for music artists. Whenever he's not hunched over a computer typing methodically, Boice is playing a board or card game with his wife and friends or jamming to Christian Rap and Post-Hardcore.

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