Andy Mineo was scheduled to drop Never Land 2 on September 17th, but it appears the date has now moved to September 24th. Various social media account began throwing up screenshots of Apple Music with the new date on it, asking about it.

We reached out to Andy’s team for clarification and received this: “Yes it’s releasing Sept 24th now along with the ‘Been About It’ single.” So not only will we get Never Land 2, but we’re going to get something special from the “Coming in Hot” pair (Trust us, we know!)

We interviewed Mineo for this project, part one below:

Check out Andy Mineo’s initial announcements below:

Andy Mineo features & tracklist below:

Andy Mineo

As you can see from the above, there are features from Lecrae, Wordsplayed, Chandler Moore, Joseph Solomon, and more.

For more info on Andy and the upcoming tour for the album, click here.