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Andy Mineo Next Projects

Andy Mineo talked with us about the ‘Never Land 2’ & in part two we spoke about upcoming projects The Key & The Feather as well as Never Land 3A Work in Progress 2, & more.

Much has been speculated about what will happen to the other parts of Andy’s four-part The Sword and The Arrow. Mineo lets us know what’s coming and how he can roll it out. 

Social Club Misfits
After dropping the mixtape eight years ago, Social Club Misfits are preparing to drop a sequel to Summer of George! The first mixtape was exclusively released on Rapzilla and helped kickstart the duo’s careers. You can listen and download Summer of George on our SoundCloud here.

Aaron Cole

Aaron Cole did an Instagram swipe and posted a single video, which means it’s album time! His sequel album is 2 Up 2 Down, and the video says it will release on October 15.