Andy Mineo talked with us about Never Land 2 & in part three of this conversation, we spoke about Justin Bieber’s potential involvement with the project.

The opening track of Mineo’s Never Land 2 is a masterpiece. The track is called “Am I…” and snippets of it have been heard on social media promotions. While working on the track, Justin Bieber tweeted out Andy’s music.

The two began talking and Mineo thought Bieber would sound great on the track.

“At the time he said, ‘If you need something let me know’ and I said, ‘I do, I just don’t know what song’,” explained Mineo.

“I never really figured it out and by the time I had some ideas, the relationship was no longer really there,” shared Mineo. “At the time he was really excited about my music.”

Watch Andy Mineo explain that and the song Below:

*Warning, mild album spoilers*

Never Land 2 was pushed back due to clearance issues on the record. The new date is expected to be October 1st. Read more about that here.

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