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5 Christian Rap Producers On The Come Up (Part 2)

5 Christian Rap Producers On The Come Up (Part 2)

There are so many music producers today, that it can be hard to keep track of all of the dope producers playing a part in your favorite songs. In this article, we are going to highlight a couple of producers who are making waves in the music industry. Read part one here

Here are 5 underrated producers in Christian rap:


B.Coe is a producer from Virginia who has been producing since he was 12 years old. He’s had many TV placements, with his beats appearing on ESPN, MTV, UnderArmour, CW, and Facebook Watch. B.Coe has also produced songs like “Warm Up” and “One Hundred” for NF. His biggest accomplishments include producing on NF’s Perception album that went platinum and having Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson use Beacon Light’s song “Takin Over” produced by Tommee Profitt and B.Coe for his UnderArmour product. The young producer is currently submitting music to TV and film companies and is building more sound kits for other producers.

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Andrew Prim

Andrew Prim is a producer and sample-maker from Knoxville, Tennessee who has been producing since 2013 after being inspired by a beat breakdown video by Gawvi of Andy Mineo’s song “You Will.” Prim has had placements with artists like YB, Xavier Sorrow, Miles Minnick, Levi Parker, Raw-B, Hooseki, and Avila. His biggest accomplishment has been reaching 80,000 streams on one of the songs he has produced and having big-name producers connect with him and provide him feedback. Prim is currently working on some new stuff for his sample pack brand Ex Deo Music Library as well as on upcoming projects with Hooseki and Xavier Sorrow. His goals include having a sustained music career and making music he is proud of with his friends as well as picking up a couple of plaques and a Grammy on the way.

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YJO Beats

YJO is an artist and producer from Purvis, Mississippi who has been producing since the age of 18. He has produced for artists like Dre Murray, YB, and Mitch Darell. He has also worked with artists like Derek Minor, Parris Chariz, R-Swift, Byron Juane, J.Crum, and many more on his own songs. His accomplishments include becoming a full-time music producer/artist as of last year, executively producing Mitch Darell’s album Darell, and winning the Grinddamic Challenge presented by EnochFlow Records which led him to be signed with them. YJO has his own projects in the works namely, Parable Two: The Wise and Foolish Builders which would be the second part of his Parable Series which takes a look into his personal life and shows how God is using him.

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Chewy Linton

Chewy Linton is a producer from San Angelo, Texas who has been producing since 2018. He has produced for artists like Mission, Parris Chariz, Nic D, Tylerhateslife, Lucky Luciano, and Bryann T. Having been on rock tours around the world himself, he understands the struggles artists face. His goals include continuing to help growing artists afford quality beats. Linton has a couple of things in the works such as an upcoming project with Raw-B and working on Mike Teezy’s project Dexter’s Lab which drops October 8th.

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Dara JT

Dara JT is a Nigerian producer from Dallas, Texas who has been producing since he was 10 years old. He has produced for artists like Sam Rivera, Porsha Love, Mvkeyy J, Mike Teezy, Jude Barclay, and many more. Dara’s accomplishments include being the originator of Mike Todd’s “History in the Making Challenge,” and winning the Genius Home Studio Contest. He has big goals that he wants to achieve such as working with big-name artists like Kanye West, Kirk Franklin, and Lecrae as well as producers like Timbaland, Pharell Williams and more. He aspires to become a Billboard Charting Producer and receive Dove and Grammy awards as a producer.

Dara also has dreams of having his own Music Production Class for upcoming artists and producers, releasing his own debut album produced by himself, and hosting his very own Song Camp. Upcoming projects for Dara include his debut sample pack coming next year.

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Which of these Christian rap producers are responsible for some of your favorite tracks?


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