Another month, another list of Christian rap artists you should hear. I really enjoyed putting this list together, it was almost as much fun as encountering each of these artists. I still submit that it’s been an incredible year for CHH, and each of these following artists has contributed to that for me. Check out these 4 artists and let me know what you think!


It’s rare to hear Christian grime, so I had to share Reblah based only on this song. He’s got some new music as well, I just thought this track was a heater. Based out of London, Reblah brings a lot of energy and high quality visuals and sounds to his art. Reblah Spotify


Zdiorx was a fun artist for me to stumble upon. His music is really dope and he has some connections to other up and coming CHH artists. Just don’t ask me to try and pronounce his name… ZDIORX Spotify


I like JustCordell’s positivity and demeanor about life. He’s working hard though, and it’s not unnoticed. A lot of his tracks bring an infectious energy that’s refreshing, and he’s got some raw talent with his vocals. JustCordell Spotify

Beloved Daud

Beloved is insanely talented, and I like most of the music he creates. The beats are fire, and his melodies he throws out with them are fantastic. He needs some help with his album artwork though. However, I’m very glad I clicked and listened, because Scottie Script’n is one of my favorite CHH albums of the year. Very underrated and overlooked artist here. Beloved Daud Spotify

What do you think? Who did I miss? Which Christian rap artist should be on the next one?