Last year, Tee Wyla jumped on Community During Chaos to talk about his 2020 experience. During the conversation, the veteran producer talked about his volunteer work in his area.

When the pandemic began here in America, Tee Wyla decided to use his gift of connecting people as an act of service, specifically in giving out food. Many families need food after riots cleared out grocery stores. Connecting with a small supplier, Tee Wyla and volunteers would drive into the greater Philadelphia area in food trucks and hand out food. They started with 7,000 pounds of food their first week.

“Something like that gives the opportunity for someone that may have a different perspective to come and serve. they forget about themselves and stuff going on, and it allows for their heart to break. I think that’s the issue I’m seeing.”

7,000 pounds can only feed around 120 people though, Tee Wyla explained. So, Wyla organized free meals through his church. Next, he connected with a non-profit called Convoy of Hope. They gave the volunteers 36,000, which lasted for three weeks. Then, they partnered with the Amish community, which are only a few hours away from where Tee Wyla lives.

Altogether, at the time of this interview, Tee Wyla and the volunteers have given out 157,431 pounds of food and 131,191 individual meals over the span of 16 weeks.

“We do this because we care. I think what happens now, during the pandemic and during all the social unrest we’re seeing, this is designed for the church to mobilize and operate like never before. If the church were to do what it was supposed to do there would not be a WIC or a welfare program. There would not be foster care. There would not be homelessness or, I would even dare say, no drug addiction or maybe less drug addiction. Because we focus on the family, the individual.”

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