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Alright, so the decision was made yet again to reschedule Summerfest 2020 due to concerns for the new Delta Variant that’s out there. According to the team at God’s House of Hip-Hop, the goal is for August or September of 2022.

Rapzilla Cyphers

And while that is bad news, there’s plenty of momentum in CHH happening. All three of the Rapzilla Freshmen cypher videos are out now! The first with Lundi & Saint James, the Boombap cypher with Coop, KHAM, Red Tips, Scootie Wop, & Tylerhateslife, and now the final cypher with Jekasole, Marc Stevens, BigBreeze, and George.Rose is out. All are on the Rapzilla YouTube, let us know what you think.

Time FR

Oh yeah, and aside from the cypher, the first Rapzilla freshmen single is out! “Time FR” is by Jekasole, Red Tips, and KHAM. The beat was produced by Scootie Wop. There is a music video coming shortly. Run those streams up right now!

Freshmen Interviews

Continuing on our freshmen blitz, we have interviews up with Lundi and KHAM. We also have interviews featuring the members of the cyphers up on YouTube right now too!


Mission dropped his new album Less is More and we have a Bar Exam review and also an interview with Mission where he talks about feeling underappreciated but yet being content with who God called him to be. It’s a great read, check that on Rapzilla.


Lastly, we are continuing our series with KB and Ameen of Southside Rabbi on YouTube where they break down everything from racism in the church, what social justice actually means Biblically, and why critical race theory is scary.

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