I got the chance to interview 2021 Rapzilla Freshmen Kham of Culture Villains. Kham and I are good friends, so the fact that I can be instrumental in his story being told is always a blessing.

As we enter the third quarter of the year, Rapzilla has begun rolling out the cyphers and singles that have all been collaborations between the Rapzilla Freshmen. Be on the lookout for Freshmen single “Time Fr” with Jekasole and Red Tips.

So you have been making music since 2017?

I dropped my first official song in 2017 but have actually been making music since I was 17, which was in 2014. When I got serious with it, this was the summer after I graduated, which was the summer of 2015, but I have been making music since middle school for real for real. It was more of a hobby, but once I hit senior year, that’s when it became more of a calling thing.

I got a whole lot more serious with it, trying to figure out, okay how do I do this thing so that it won’t just be a hobby?

Did you ever think you would get this far-seeing that you’re not as far as you’re going to go?

Man, Nah! Even when I got serious, with it, my whole approach was, God this is a gift that you gave me, so do what you want with it. I feel like, for me, I overthink a lot, so I literally have been giving my career to God. I literally told Him, “I’m along for the ride.” So it’s been, mindblowing bro.

How did you Culture Villains come about?

The way that it played out was so beautiful. So Travis James the CEO of Culture Villains, before I had signed I had known him for two years because I met him when I went to college. We were all a part of this ministry group, called Bridging the Gap, so that’s where we originally met. I think he heard one of my earlier songs, it might’ve been on SoundCloud, something really old, but he heard something and heard the potential. He ended up actually getting me in the studio for the first time, so the first time I was in the studio was because of Travis.

I don’t know if you have heard the song “Underestimated” by Big Yae, but that was my first time in a studio recording. He started mentoring me in music and in life and became a big brother to me. I had always told KJ, I wanted to be a part of culture Villains, but I wasn’t going to be all up front like that. Until one day, Travis came up to me and was basically like, “so when are you getting on?” I was like, “What? Oh, word!” It was completely organic; the same time that Travis was building up Culture Villains, was the same time that he had mentored me. It was beautiful man.

Now that you have the cosigns, the attention, and momentum as a freshman, how does that feel?


It’s mind-blowing bro. One of the things that Travis has helped me with, was the idea and perspective that I already am an artist. For me, I try to live a quiet life and be as humble as possible, but that ends up with me underestimating my status and progress. I think leaving 2020 with the top 30 charting Problematic, and even the All American placement, has been this perspective shift. It is cool to acknowledge and take pride in where God has elevated and brought you to without becoming prideful.

Congratulations to Kham of Culture Villains and RMG Amplify for being inducted into the 2021 Rapzilla Freshman class. Continue to work hard and give God the glory for all you do!

Don’t forget to stream “Time Fr” (Friday Aug. 6th) and Kham’s Freshmen cypher!