Back in 2019, the rapper DAX dropped a song where he went direct to God and asked hard-hitting questions that many struggle with. The music video saw DAX as the “Christ-like” figure in the video as he was burdened in carrying a cross. The message was seemingly that the call to believe in Jesus was a burden akin to the cross and a tough one at that.

At points in the song, DAX expresses his anger and frustration toward God, even dropping some choice words that would make many reading this upset. The video went viral and at this point now is almost at 39 million views.

However, it’s not how you start the journey, it’s how you end it. Now, two years later, DAX is back with “Child of God.” In this song, the rapper has appeared to make peace with and rectify his issues with God. In the video, he even leans in to help Jesus carry the cross.

Other imagery shows DAX being baptized and sitting with Jesus at the Last Supper. Lyrically, he’s more focused on being a believer rather than questioning the point of it. He has grown spiritually, and it’s evident.


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It’s important to note, that DAX does not claim to be a Christian rapper but he states that he’s a Believer. The storyline of these two songs listened back to back could definitely be helpful and encouraging to those weary in their faith and to an outsider looking in.

We hope to see DAX create more compelling and faith-inspired music that will get people asking the important questions.

Watch DAX Below (adult language):