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4 Christian Rap Artists You May Not Have Heard Yet (Luc’s Picks – August)

4 Christian Rap Artists You May Not Have Heard Yet (Luc’s Picks – August)

Summer is good for spending time with family, watching baseball, and going on vacation. All in between these moments for me there’s always hip-hop. I do find myself looking for some soul food in my hip hop, so here have been my go-to’s this summer.

The DreamR (fka Drew Smith)

Man, I still rock with his album Blue February that he dropped in 2018 and I feel like recently he’s been ramping up to something dope again. If you follow him on socials, he’s been dropping little snippets of songs that are straight flames. Keep posted up on his Spotify, and check out his newest video below.

Kinfolk D-Ray

I really love southern rap. There’s something about it that’s soothing to me, and honestly, I have a lot of nostalgia around it. When I heard D-Ray’s newest project The Truth Of Texas, last month I was blown away. He’s got the potential to really build on this sound and I’m excited to continue to follow his progression. Listen To Kinfolk D-Ray On Spotify

Meezilini The Messenger

First came on my radar in 2017 with his Crossover project. He dropped his Straight Outta Darkness mixtape this year, which is full of heavy bangers and gritty rhymes. Music and themes feel like he should link up with HOG MOB, and if you know my taste in music, that’s a huge compliment. Listen To Meezilini Tha Messenger On Spotify

Rich Milz

Rich has some modern melodies he throws into stuff but also has an impressive percussive and fast-paced flow he can bust out at any minute. Paired with some captivating visuals, he’s stayed at the top of my mind recently. A truly talented artist, Rich Milz released his EP, Thank You at the end of last year. Listen To Rich Milz On Spotify

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