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Sho Baraka

The Christian Rap veteran is back with his first song of 2021! Not only does Sho Baraka drop continuous bars on the music video for “Healthcare” featuring Bri Feels, but teases us.

At the end of the video, the following text appears: “Midnight Is Coming Soon.” Could this be an album, an EP, or some type of branding? We’ll have to wait and see.


Fans of Swoope have been waiting for a new full project since 2018’s Sonshine. In 2019 he released an EP Two For One. Well now, 24 has arrived.

The project features Derek Minor, Aha Gazelle, Natalie Lauren, and a few others.

Also, our resident reviewer Luc DiMarzio did a Bar Exam and took notes through his first listen of the project.


During the latest Pen Game 101 episode on Noche JuvenilGAWVI teased he wants to drop another album this year! Although GAWVI said he is not sure when it will be finished, his desire is to release it sometime this fall.

Heathen is one of the best album releases in 2019. We’ll see if this sequel can hold up to its predecessor. 

5 Up and Coming Producers

We dropped an article that highlights some of the bright up-and-coming producers in CHH. Some of these talented beatmakers are producing the biggest hits for your favorite artists. Check out the article on Rapzilla to see who those names are and what they’ve produced! 

CHH O.G.’s

This week we answered two questions? Who was the first Christian rapper and who was the first Christian rap group? Both of those answers can be found in our interviews with the pioneers of Christian rap at the Mic Drop premiere interview. We also, isolate those answers in two articles with additional info. Here are some names you need to know – Stephen Wiley, Michael Peace, JC & the Boyz

Stay tuned for more Christian rap news every week!