Last year, we hosted DJ Mykael V on Community During Chaos. During the conversation, Mykael shared his thoughts on the kind of relationship the Latino and Black communities should have.

To the DJ, Latinos and African Americas in the U.S. have a similar hand dealt in that they both have a history during slavery. Despite their similarities, Mykael explained that some Latinos, especially older generations, want nothing to do with Black people.

“I feel like Latinos should help lift up the Black people in our life who we love, and Black people we see all over the world being oppressed. I’m not saying their hurt is more important than ours. It’s like we’ve both been hurt. Let’s help each other.”

While both deal with racism, Mykael V said Black people still are treated worse compared to Latinos. Overall though, the two communities need to come together for support and to improve their situations, the DJ said.

“There are laws specifically created to hit Black people. There are no laws specifically for [Latinos],” DJ Mykael V said. “We have to champion our brothers and sisters, come together, hurt together, and understand that what laws are passed for our Black brothers and sisters help Latinos too.”

Watch DJ Mykael V Below: