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5 Christian Rap Producers on the Come Up

Some of your favorite Christian Hip-Hop songs have come to fruition because of the beat behind the song. So, in this article, we are going to give props to the producers behind some of your favorite songs this year. Here are 5 up and coming producers in CHH:

Jesse Calentine

Jesse Calentine is a producer from Portland, Oregon. He has produced songs for Reach Records artists Hulvey, Wande, and 1k Phew. His recent work is shown on Alcott’s song “Before the Lord Takes Me” featuring 350 and Futuristic.

From what I have heard, Calentine’s beats have that catchy trap melody that fuses with some banging drums making his beats incredible. His work with Wande has been featured on ESPN as well as multiple social media influencers’ platforms. Follow Jesse Calentine on Instagram

wow eli

wow eli is a producer from Sarasota, Florida. He is a Billboard Charting producer notable for his work on indie tribe’s newest album, UPPERHAND. His work on the track “CLEAR” has been featured on Quavo’s Instagram story and multiple Spotify editorial playlists.

wow eli’s beats always have a crazy 808 that just brings the song to a whole new level of bounce that makes the crowd go wild. He has also worked with artists such as Matt Mogg, Wande, and Caleb Gordon. Follow wow eli on Instagram

Blaine Stephens

Blaine Stephens is a producer from Silsbee, Texas. He has produced records for Raw-B, Ray Knowledge, and Nutone. His work with mainstream artist Ekoh has garnered over 500k streams. He has also worked with Rapzilla as a co-producer for the song “Feelin Like” with Arrow featuring J.Crum, Thomas Iannucci, and A.I. The Anomaly for the Rapzilla 2020 Freshmen project.

Recently, Stephens has dived into the world of sample-making. He has been releasing sample packs every month for other producers to use. I have had the opportunity to work with them and have never heard samples like those before. His melodies are different from the average trap loops made today because he uses different, eerie sounds to make something special. Follow Blaine Stephens on Instagram

Enzo Gran

Enzo Gran is a Filipino producer who has made hits with artists such as Rhomar Jessy, TrossTheGiant, Kham, Aklesso, and Kaleb Mitchell. He has partnered with The Rucker Collective to release sample packs for other producers. His samples have a soulful feel that takes you into a different dimension. One of his samples was flipped by the GOAT producer himself, Timbaland.

Enzo Gran has a diverse catalog of beats that range from being soulful with some nice boom bap drums to some chaotic sounds clashing together with trap drums creating a hype song that goes hard during live shows. Follow Enzo Gran on Instagram


Killawatts is a producer who has produced for multiple artists such as MvkeyyJ, Aklesso, Gawvi, Kaleb Mitchell, WHATUPRG, and many more. His production on GAWVI’s song “Climate Change” has garnered over one million streams.

Killawatts’ beats have a dark vibe layered with hard-knocking drums that makes you bop your head relentlessly. He also has a couple of songs he’s worked on that take a different direction from the dark trap vibe. His work on Kaleb Mitchell’s song “FORREAL” is an R&B track that gets you in your feels. Needless to say, he is a talented producer so best believe when you hear his tag, you can turn the volume all the way up. Follow Killawatts on Instagram

Have you heard about these Christian rap producers before?

What do you think?

Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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