We started handling our submissions in a new way toward the end of April where we ask our audience to vote on their favorite Christian rap submissions of the day. Well, the winners of the June Hot or Not are in! Here they are.

All artists on this list are now on the New Christian Rap Songs Daily Playlist.

YoungForGod – BALANCE (June 2nd)

Kolt Kodesh – Idol (June 4th)

Pastor Jaylon Calhoun – My Team Rep Jesus ft. Mo D’anger, Eturnul, I.C. Jonez (June 7th)


Once Wckd – Sun Up To Sun Down (June 11th)

Baby Jew – Look in My Eyes (June 15th)

Godina & Red Tips – Young Boy Preach (June 18th)

Soulja – Ready (June 22nd)

Kash Memphis – You Are Enough (June 25th)

Eazzy – Right Now ft. Kojo Dave x Jaylow (June 28th)

Which of the week’s Christian rap submission winners is your favorite?