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5 Christian Rap Producers Under 20-Years-Old

There is no question that young people are thriving in the music industry. With so many upcoming producers getting signed to record labels straight out of high school. Here are 5 Christian rap producers under 21 who are pushing the culture forward.


Okaywarren, formerly known as MANNYWILLIS, is an 18-year-old producer from Palm Bay, Florida. Warren has been producing from the age of 13 on FL Studio and has produced records for CHH legend FLAME and newer icons like Aha Gazelle and Issac Graham.

Warren’s beats have unique drum patterns, which he fuses with his melodies to create a bouncy, energetic vibe. His goals consist of making a beat that brings Trip Lee out of retirement and producing records for KB and Kaleb Mitchell. He is currently working on projects with Aha Gazelle and Chris Soul. Follow Okaywarren on Instagram

Fuego Beats

Fuego Beats is a 19-year-old producer from California. Fuego has been producing since 2019 and has produced for artists like D.Tall, Miles Minnick, Swaizy, Da Rich 1, Big Breeze, God Fearin, and Raw-B. His beats always have hard-hitting drums that never disappoint.

Fuego’s skill with guitar trap beats is insane. The guitar melody blended with hard drums makes your speakers go wild, which brings crazy energy to a live show. His goal is to make connections in the industry and hopefully produce for a Reach Record artist soon. Follow Fuego Beats on Instagram


Layc is a 17-year-old female producer from Georgia. She has been producing from the age of 15. She has produced for King Chai and Timmy Bone. She has been recognized by Billboard Charting producer Wow Eli. Recently, she was announced, the winner of Wande’s “Blessed Up Remix Challenge” which was judged by Lecrae and Ace Harris.

Layc’s beats have a nice bounce to them, especially the 808s which make you want to bop your head. She is constantly trying to better her production skills and use her talents for God’s glory. Layc’s goal is to work with artists like Torey D’Shaun, 1K Phew, and Wande. Follow Yagirllayc on Instagram


Israel or Izzy is an 18-year-old producer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He took production seriously at the start of 2020. Izzy has produced for artists like Nic D, Jude Barclay, Swaizy, and Foggieraw. Being a jazz pianist and composer, Izzy is an amazing sample maker. He has had unreleased placements with mainstream artists like SoFaygo, Asaiah Ziv, and SiR.

His accomplishments include his placement with SoFaygo being shown on Genius as a snippet, achieving 2nd place in the Berklee’s National Composition Contest, and being offered to sign to, popular producer, CashMoneyAP’s label, Cash gang.

Izzy’s samples contain a variety of live instruments, to create a soulful sound that appeals to every producer. One of his goals is to become one of the greatest producers of all time having placements with Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, J.Cole, Chance the Rapper, and Drake. He also has plans of working on cover projects, beat tapes, and jazz compositions/arrangements. Follow Israel on Instagram


Isch is a 17-year-old producer from Newark, Ohio. He has been producing since 2019. Isch has produced alongside legendary Christan Hip Hop producers, OnBeatMusic, Ray Rock, and Poetics. His beat structure is admirable. He always strives to switch his beats up to throw the listener off guard, to provide bigger impacts on beat drops.

Isch has placements on Dru Bex’s upcoming album and is currently working on songs with Mike Teezy. His goal is to build a name for himself and establish his brand as a reputable producer. Follow Isch on Instagram

Have you heard of any of these young Christian Rap Producers?

Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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