It took me a while to whittle down my list of new artists this month. It’s been a great year for Christian rap so far, and the new listens I’ve had recently have been outstanding. I’m excited to share with you four of my new favorites.


Surve is a southern rapper from Louisiana who has an incredible story. He came up alongside Lil Wayne, Hurricane Chris, Lil Boosie, and Webbie among others. Obviously, he’s moved on from that as he grew in his faith. But, with that quintessential Louisiana sound, he pumps out some high-energy music. Surve’s Spotify


Another artist who has been around a while but didn’t get put on until recently. He’s got a nice East Coast feel to his music, and I dig the samples in his beats. The newest project just dropped with features from K. Agee and Mike Teezy. Natman’s Spotify


Hunter is on some different vibes for sure, but I really dig it. He’s really creative and stays outside of the box with his sound. His bouncy flows and tight production make his music light-hearted and fun to listen to. He’s collabed with a lot of artists, namely Big Breeze, Jxhn Pvul, and Not Klyde. Hunterdrinkswater Spotify


2021 is the year of the Canadian rapper. It really seems like every month I’m listening to a new Christian rapper from Canada. Veshone’s new album I’ll Wait is one of my favorites this year, and it has equal parts hype music and introspective music. Veshone’s Spotify

Which of these Christian rap artists are you hearing for the first time?