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What We Know About Andy Mineo’s ‘Never Land 2’ So Far

Andy Mineo’s Never Land 2 is one of the most anticipated and delayed albums in Christian Rap history. Ever since the Never Land EP dropped in 2014, fans have been speculating and Andy has been dropping hints and promises to deliver a sequel to one of his most popular projects.

Mineo finally has confirmed NL2 is on the way, so let’s do a recap of what we mostly know about this project.

Connections From Never Land

Andy MineoFrom the promotion for the EP, this graphic dropped to promote the live show of the new project. Anything look familiar? There’s a sword, a quill, a key, and an arrow. Andy has two projects titled I: The Arrow and II: The Sword. This is important to keep in mind moving forward.

You Can’t Stop Me Remix

Andy hinted at NL2 a couple of times after dropping Never Land. One of his more blatant hints dropped on his remix of the Never Land banger “You Can’t Stop Me” featuring Messiah. The line goes “‘Never Land 2’ on the way, I know I know that you needed more.”

I: The Arrow

When Andy Mineo dropped this project, he dropped a promotional video on the same day. Not only described the theme of the project but gave a schedule of what fans can expect from him that year. Three EPs and an album all in an entire year. It seemed too good to be true, and that ended up being true. But that’s beside the point. Having a visual element from Never Land become a project that was supposed to build up to an album seems like it points to a sequel to the original EP. You can read more about that connection here.

Never Land 2: Almost There

In 2018, Andy did an interview with “The Today in Music” in which he talked about a project titled Never Land 2: Almost There that he planned on releasingHowever, what Andy describes sounds a lot like I: The Arrow. “Almost There” is even a song on that project. Still, this supports the idea that I: The Arrow, Never Land, and Never Land 2 are all connected,

NL2 Coming Soon

Now, we have Andy Mineo dropping pictures of him creating the album! He even dropped a whole whiteboard filled with track names and ideas for the album.

Look At Andy Mineo Working on Never Land 2 Below:


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So are you excited about this new Andy Mineo project?


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