As America ushers in Juneteenth as a nationally recognized holiday, the Christian music industry celebrates an extensive and collaborative project from Maverick City Music—”Jubilee: The Juneteenth Edition.”

The album is an impressive work spanning nearly two hours and consisting of nineteen tracks. Familiar artists to CHH such as Montell Fish and Lecrae appear on the album. In addition to his musical presence, Lecrae serves as a voice of prayer and sets the stage for the entire message of the album—namely that God cares for Black humanity. The project includes a number of gospel artists along with CCM contributors which results in a dynamic, gospel-centered expression of hope and reconciliation.

The diversity of artists contributes to the diversity of themes throughout the album itself. Gospel songs of joy and praise are followed by songs of lament and sorrow. Songs like “Jireh” and “Joy of the Lord” proclaim the constant steady of God in the midst of trial and pain, while “Breath” and “Same Blood” speak to the burdens in life. Additionally, “Pretty Brown Skin” celebrates the beauty of ethnic diversity and the importance of culture. But in each song, God is glorified, and the entirety of the artistic outflow of this album demonstrates the beautiful community of Christ-followers who are engaged in a collective effort.

The album is available on all streaming platforms. So, as debates wage over the acceptance of Juneteenth as a national holiday, hear what believers in the community have to say about it, and how they center Jesus as the anchor, hope, and reconciler to broken humanity.

Listen Below: