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J. Monty Free Me

Your favorite rapper’s rapper is back. J. Monty dropped his first project in 6 years with Free Me. We know he signed a deal a few years back and for him, that was a nightmare that saw him never release an album. Well now, he’s out of that deal and making music again, we’re here for it!

WHATUPRG New Hollywood

It seems likely that WHATUPRG’s long-awaited album New Hollywood might finally be coming out. If you check out his Instagram, it’s been wiped clean of pictures and activity. Many artists do this before a major announcement. Let’s hope so!

Marty and Wordsplayed Album?

Marty of Social Club Misfits dropped a snippet of a new track on IG with a caption saying, “Wordsplayed we need to drop this album bro.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed that something is coming!

Gemstones New Album

It’s been a while since we heard from Gemstones but according to his Instagram, he’s got Elephant in the Room Part 2 dropping which is, of course, good news for everyone!