Welcome to our weekly episode of Rapzilla.com’s Top Christian Rap News Recap. We endeavor to grab the best stories from the previous week and give them to you every Tuesday.

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Pen Game 101 Propaganda

Pen Game 101 is back and we’ve got an episode with Propaganda as we dive into his album Terraform: The People. We had a ton of fun with Prop and even went off the rails on Whataburger vs In n’ Out. Most importantly we got to hear the dude freestyle and absolutely take us to school on some theology.

indie tribe. on Billboard

indie tribe. is really built different. If we sound like a broken record talking about them, trust me, we’re not. They deserve all the attention they’ve been getting. The Billboard results came back and they reached 22 on the Christian albums chart & 92 for all albums period. And that’s all independent.

George.Rose Interview

We had an awesome interview with Rapzilla Freshmen George.Rose where he spoke about how he got to this point now. He told us that he was addicted to drugs but on the verge of success in the music industry. Then, his mother who had been fervently praying for him called him on the phone and finally broke through. He surrounded his life to Christ and never looked back. Check it out on Rapzilla.com.

Summer Fest 

Also, this September, mark your calendars for the 17th & the 18th, because in Los Angeles, Summer Fest 2020 is returning with around 70 artists in CHH, gospel, and Latin music. I’m gonna be there and so is everyone else in Christian rap music. Head on over to 2020summerfest.com for more details and to get tickets.