The 2021 Rapzilla Freshmen George.Rose of today is a whole lot different than the George.Rose of the past. He’s lived off professionally dancing, overcome drug addiction, and worked with a Grammy Award-winning production group. Now he is releasing music to show God’s glory, teach younger generations from his experiences, and give them something to dance to.

“Don’t waste time. As you get older, you can feel it. Especially when you get out of high school and stuff, you blink and the next thing you know you’re 25.”

A Prodigal Son

GEORGE.ROSE Let’s start at the beginning. George.Rose grew up around Dallas, Texas, as a pastor’s kid. While he always acknowledged Jesus as his savior, his focus changed once he left home at age 21. Fully in the world, Rose decided he wanted to do as he pleased. He lost his virginity and started doing ecstasy and eventually other drugs.

“I still loved Him and still had a relationship with Him. It was one of those things where I was doing what I wanted to do, but please believe that at night, you know who I was crying out to,” Rose said.

He lived in that sin for roughly the next seven years. What brought him out of that sin was three phone calls from his mother over the span of those seven years. Rose described these calls, especially the last one, as God’s “ultimatum” for him. The first couple calls, his mother would call to tell Rose that God wants him to stop living in sin. Rose did not stop though. He became addicted to cocaine sometime after the second call from his mom.

“By the third phone call, my mom was in tears, and told me, ‘God told me to tell you that if you don’t stop, you’re going to die’. At that time, I was with my girl, who was not my wife yet, and my son. So when my mom told me that, it really wrecked my world.”

From that point on, Rose placed his music to the side, weaned himself off the drugs, and rededicated his life to God. A year after Rose returned to the Lord, he became the children’s director at his church.

George.Rose’s First Love

While Rose has created music ever since high school, music was not Rose’s complete focus until a few years ago. Dancing full-time is what Rose has done for most of his life.

“Dancing was my first love. It’s how I paid the bills… It’s cool because my family and friends all knew me as the dancer. I did competitions, danced in studios, on dance teams, and back-up danced for artists.”

While 2018 was his last year of professionally dancing, he still utilizes all the skills he learned for his music. Rose explained that his dancing abilities are like a “cheat code” in making music. Rose explained that kids today are part of a dance generation because of social media apps such as Tik Tok. Especially on Tik Tok, people are always looking for new music to dance to.

“So when I’m creating the music, when I’m producing and stuff, I’ll make it and then I’ll dance to it. If I can do the dances they’re doing, then I did the job,” Rose said.

Joining Christian Rap

Back in high school, George.Rose listened and followed the EDM genre. He even released a few EDM tracks of his own.

Listen to One of George.Rose’s First Songs Below:

“I’ve always rapped. That’s just one of the songs I put out. My style is sing-rap. A lot of times you’ll hear I’ll sing the hook and I’ll rap the verses,” George.Rose explained.

Rose decided to also work on some music on the side while pursuing dance full-time. In 2013, he joined a brother duo called Play-N-Skillz, a secular producer group. They produced Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'” featuring Krayzie Bone and won a Grammy Award for Lil Wayne’s “Got Money” featuring T-Pain. Eventually, Rose walked away from the group because God called him away sometime after he returned to God.

“Finally God told me, ‘hey, I need you to walk away. You either choose me or you choose that’. When I left, I left a lot on the table. There were some big things that were happening.”

While Rose worked in children’s ministry, he started working on his own music career. Eventually, he connected with Datin, who introduced him to CHH.

Looking Back

GEORGE.ROSE With as much life experience George.Rose has, he’s learned a thing or two about being an artist full-time and pursuing God. For young people who are unsure whether they should create music in CHH, he has two criteria he suggests they follow if they want a good chance to create a career.

“Number one is, have you gotten with the Lord yet? Have you asked the Lord if this what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place,” Rose said. “Once you get that answer, and the answer is yes, number two is to step out in faith and go…If you don’t know if the Lord has called you to this, then your music is not going to make the impact that you want it to because in our genre, it’s God-motivated.”

Now, Rose is a full-time music artist with a record label he owns, Lifestyle 33 Records. Despite everything he has gone through, he is using his mistakes to teach others the greatness of God.

“It helps me a lot because it gives me focus on where to go; to let people in general, but young people [especially], know that you are not the only one that’s struggling with this. I’m a pastor’s kid and I still went through all of that.”