Following the release of his project Talking Drums which had a pretty impressive run, Nigerian rapper, and Poet Drakare is back with a new single titled “Night Lights.” A song that shows his total submission and belief in Christ, it’s an anthem for all believers.

When asked about what brought about the song, Drakare had this to say; “Night Lights was a song which came to me a night I say at the balcony of my apartment and watched the night skies and its beautiful dazzling glows and lights really caught my attention and made me feel some type of appreciation to God for all the epic creations he had made. It also gave me time to reflect I deep thoughts of my relationship with God and it let me embrace the bond, the closeness I felt with my maker.”

“Night Lights is a song expressing my mind that I truly believe in God after all I’ve experienced in the Christiandom,” he added.

Listen to “Night Lights” here.

Listen to Drakare Below: