Last week, we posted on our social media asking what encouragement you would give to your favorite Christian rap artist. We gathered some of the best answers and put them below. The list below is not in any particular order.

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5. Remember Who You Do It For!

We are all here because of God and will be with Him eternally because of Jesus. So keep in mind all the music you make is possible because of Him. While marketing and staying focused on goals are necessary, don’t forget God provides all good things. Another comment worded it like this, “Please the Lord, serve His people, and if you say you do it for the Lord, have artistry, but do not let that overpower ministry.”

4. Just Remember If You’re Going to Rep God’s Name, You Better Back It Up With Your Walk.

A lot of people are going to have their eyes on you if you’re in the spotlight. While you can hide behind social media, not consistently walking with the Lord will show through personal engagements and little cracks in your music and mannerisms. You are representing Christ, especially in CHH, so stay faithful so you don’t appear as a fake.

3. Stay Motivated. This Music Stuff Obviously Ain’t Easy. Stay Hungry

This comment is pretty self-explanatory but right. Creating good music is expensive, time-consuming, and creative-intensive. Making a career out of it is even more difficult. So fans, be grateful for those artists who are still working on music. Artists, staying motivated for the grind is different for everyone, so find what motivates you.

2. Stop Cappin’

We’ve all done it. Sometimes it happens in our writing. When it happens, just simply apologize for it or take it down. On a more serious note, if it’s on the Internet, someone can find it. With all the cancel culture drama happening nowadays, it’s best to go back and delete those shady or completely wrong comments.

1. Don’t Compromise the Word of God!

It all goes back to staying faithful. There are so many ways to sell your soul and morals for money and clout. Don’t make business decisions for short-term material items. Remember to keep storing your treasures in Heaven and to pursue the path God has for you. It is much better than compromising with the world.

What word of encouragement would share with your favorite Christian rap artist?