indie tribe. did a Twitter spaces press conference that allowed all their fans and followers to listen in at one place. nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, DJ Mykael V, and Jon Keith along with their team were present to answer questions.

Here are 5 of the funniest/most memorable moments.

Jon Keith almost choked to death on broccoli.

When he said this, he didn’t mean coughing, he meant, broccoli stuck in his throat and not breathing. dyl. remarked that if Jon died, the album would have gone platinum.

DJ Mykael V’s computer lost all the album’s files and they did it again.

The undeniable energy and chemistry on that album was somewhat manufactured. While the tribe was doing a writer’s camp, they recorded 100% of the album on Mykael V’s computer. When they all went home, Mykael was only able to retrieve 10% of the files. They essentially had to rerecord the entire album on their own, losing some of that initial magic…or did it?

Mykael was more concerned about his wrestling match than 10k of equipment stolen.

Earlier in the year, nobigdyl. posted that he and Cinemaddox had $10,000 worth of gear stolen from the car while in Atlanta. They had been shooting the video for “Holy Smoke” that day. Mykael, who does amateur wrestling was informed a little before his even that it happened. His response was, “So you guys aren’t gonna make it tonight?”

Jon Keith and Mykael got into a heated argument that was close to, too far for a song that didn’t make the cut.

Fresh off of living with each other for nearly a month, Mykael and Keith then headed into the writer’s camp. During the camp and because they had been around each other so much, they got into an exceptionally heated argument about a song that didn’t even make the album. According to them, the song is amazing and we’ll hear it eventually.

indie tribe. reached their charting results spending zero on advertising and marketing.

This final anecdote is the most impressive. The guys built such a movement around their project that the support was unparalleled. It was so much so that on the Apple Music charts they passed J. Cole and were one behind DMX. They even cracked the top 10 albums in total charts and are still there.

Watch our Two Interviews with indie tribe. Below: