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5 Things to Know About Nic D & Viral Song ‘Fine Apple’ [Watch]

2020 Rapzilla Freshmen Nic D has exploded thanks to his latest single “Fine Apple” which is an ode to his wife. The song was also produced by 2021 Rapzilla Freshmen 100 Graham.

The song started going crazy on TikTok and IG. Ultimately, it landed him on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 list reaching the top 5.

On June 2nd, Ruslan had him live on YouTube to make an announcement. The following are five things we learned.

“Fine Apple” had an explosion of streams.

On its best days, “Fine Apple” was getting a quarter of a million streams a day! Remember, this is an independent artist who makes clean music.

Labels courted Nic D.

Caroline (Capitol), Universal Republic, 300 Entertainment, Arista, and Sony all reached out with offers that he turned down because “I’m not great at negotiating.”

He hired a consultant to negotiate for him and wanted to remain independent or in control. “I’m open to conversations and if a deal makes sense, then I will consider it.”

Universal Republic made the strongest offer that he turned down.

Republic Records made an offer that didn’t make sense to him at first because “there was too much required.” He explained, that they wanted “Fine Apple” with an option. That option was a second single, which would keep him on the hook and help the label recoup more.

With that deal, he also couldn’t release music for a while. This was a major turndown for him.

Nic D took an offer he couldn’t refuse.

They came back with “Fine Apple” with no option and he took that one. Essentially, he has a deal for one song, and Universal Republic will give the song their label backing.

Who is Universal Republic Records?

Universal Republic is the label behind Drake, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Lil Wanye, and countless other superstars of music.

One of Nic’s biggest things was strong radio play, and just from the artists listed above, they are on an elite level.

“I feel good about the partnership. A lot of great people over there,” he said to Ruslan.

Watch Nic D with Ruslan Below:

Here’s our interview with Nic D.

Listen to “Fine Apple” Below:

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