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Producer 100 Graham Reflects on Success as a Freshman, hit single ‘Fine Apple’, & Trajectory in Life

Earlier last week, I got to sit down with upcoming and prominent producer 100 Graham, to discuss his recent status as a 2021 Rapzilla Freshman and overall success in the music industry.

What is your mission as a producer?

Make good music honestly. I would love to do full-time like my job, but the money is not more important than the quality. So just trying to make good music that’ll last. Also, trying to use it as part of my ministry. I don’t feel like I’m called to only work with Christian artists. I feel like I can use success and these gifts and be able to put myself in rooms and make an impact there.

100 Graham deals with more than just being a regular producer. As the official producer and A/R of Bold Records, he handles a lot of responsibility with a lot of talented artists.

How do you handle being the official producer and A/R of Bold Records?

Man, it’s cool! But it’s a lot of work sometimes. I’m working as the A&R of Bold Records but also, we got this connected joint called NXTMOVE with three artists Chris Coop (fellow Freshman), and Henrik so I just do a lot of work with them, keeping them on track, making sure we meet deadlines and also overseeing the creative process which I really like. I can act as a filter when the guys send songs and cover art and it gives me a chance to look at it and make some decisions from there. But yeah man it’s been great! I’ve been doing it for a little bit less than a year. I’m enjoying it it’s fun.

You’ve gotten some serious work done in that position though.

For sure and on the other side of it, it has helped with a lot of connections with outside people. YB runs it with Tammy and they have a pretty nice following so there are some really cool people that mess with us also.

If you haven’t heard “Fine Apple” by now, then you’re missing out on a hit. The track by Nic D produced by 100 Graham has taken TikTok by storm even landing #4 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart.

Recently the hit song “Fine Apple” by Nic D has gotten exponential success on TikTok and other major streaming platforms, can you go into depth about what that has been like?

I made the beat I think last year, and then I just sent Nic a pack. It wasn’t the first pack but it was pretty early and it was the first song we had ever done. It’s the first song that was ever done with him that dropped. It dropped in January and it was doing really well. I think it hit a million streams before the summer but then it just went crazy on TikTok.

It was kind of different because usually if a song goes viral it’s because the sound is being used a lot, but like a thousand videos with the sound. But his personal TikToks were going crazy and it has been different. It’s definitely been my biggest song by far, and it’s really exciting to see how far it goes.

What is it like being a Rapzilla Freshman and garnering all this success, in a seemingly post covid world?

I grew up only listening to Christian Rap. Before I even had socials, I would have the Rapzilla list saved to my favorite websites and I’d go to it every single day. I remember voting so before I was even doing music, or even thought about making music, I was already following their freshman stuff. So it was really crazy and it kind of hit me whenever it came out. I was saying this is what I always look to and now I’m a part of it so it’s been super cool. I rock with all the people on the team, we’ve been working doing some stuff that will hopefully drop soon. Yeah bro it’s been crazy, it’s so cool to see how far I’ve come.

Check out 100 Graham’s YouTube below.

Frederick Hicks

Written by Frederick Hicks

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