There was a bunch of stuff that happened in Christian Rap on social media, so here is a quick little roundup.

Whoever runs Rap Finds was attentive yesterday, as they saw on Spotify’s USA Viral 50 that Nic D’s song “Fine Apple” is on that playlist. Not only is he on the list, but he is also in the Top 5! At the time of writing this, it is in the #5 spot.

The Social Club Misfits/Lecrae collaboration is finally coming! The rap duo released this image yesterday along with the title of the song. Social Club already has a song titled “Is That Okay” so it looks like this will be a type of remix with the Lecrae feature.

It seems years since George Floyd’s death. Well, Corey Paul reminded Twitter that it has only been a year since Floyd’s murder. This week also marks the 100 anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre.

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