Ever since Lofi Hip-Hop really took off around five years ago, several Christian Rap artists have tried their hand at the genre. Finding it can be tricky sometimes, however. Some artists post it amongst their main content, while others will release it under another artist name. We did some of the research to save you some time.

So here are six Christian Rap artists who also create Lofi Hip-Hop. The list below is in no particular order.

6. Montell Fish

He’s probably the first artist to pop into people’s minds when thinking of Christian Rap Lofi. Almost his entire catalog can be connected to Lofi. Montell’s most Lofi intensive album is Bedroom Lofi. For those who haven’t heard him, Fish generally harnesses a calmness akin to Lofi and fuses it with an awe-inspiring worship attitude in his lyrics and musical style. Most of his songs capture this combination with piano, acoustic guitar, and his soft and emotion-filled vocals.

5. Mogli The Iceburg

This is one artist that has released his Lofi tracks under a different name. If you search for an artist named tapeslayer, you will find an artist that has, at the time of this article, nine tracks. All of them, for some reason, are named after famous actors. You can hear Mogli’s rock influence throughout all these tracks with the electric guitar as significant parts of some melodies. They are still strictly Lofi tracks though, which makes the touch of rock a refreshing take on the genre.

4. Marty From Social Club Misfits

Marty’s Lofi music also requires some digging. Search for Me & The Boys. You’ll find, at the time of the article, an album, two EPs, and a single. There’s a wide range of emotions between these releases. From cheerful to melancholy, Marty is exploring different sounds and feelings with his Lofi tracks. Some have lyrics, some do not, but there are plenty of both to enjoy both types of Lofi from Marty.

3. Poetics

Among his vast catalog with a myriad of CHH artists, the producer has released some Lofi tracks with other artists and with just himself. The Lofi singles feature other artists singing or rapping lyrics over Poetics’ Lofi beats. He has one album that is straight Lofi beats: Burgundy. Poetics Lofi catalog is possibly the most diverse on this list, as most of the tracks have their own flavor and distinct sound. This is mainly because he works to craft each beat with whatever artist he is working with. Warning: some of his songs contain explicit language.

2. FLF and Oh-So

To find his Lofi tracks, you can look on Oh-So’s artist page or FLF’s former alias, Davis Absolute. The two artists collaborated for two albums that exclusively feature Lofi beats, Snow and Still Snowing. As the titles suggest, each album incorporates themes of winter and the holiday season. Soft piano melodies and sleigh bells are all over the songs in these projects. With Oh-So on the production side, Davis raps slow on each song, but they also released the instrumental of each song for those who want to just vibe to the beats.

1. Not Klyde

Probably known best for his anime references and adlibs, each of Not Klyde’s albums has differing amounts of Lofi influence, such as his songs “Fear No Demons” and “Charlie Horse (Right to the Heart).” He does have an EP dedicated to the genre, First Name Lofi. The four-track project contains Lofi remixes of songs on other of his albums. Not Klyde has a unique style and sound in CHH, so his takes on Lofi can be just as new and different.

That’s 6 Christian rap artists who also create lofi hip-hop! What do you think of these artists’ work? Who did we forget to mention? Let us know in the comments!