May 24th this week was the 20th anniversary of legendary Christian rap duo Mars ILL and their debut Raw Material. It was a re-release on UpRok Records and featured 19 tracks of boom-bap gold hip-hop by Manchild and DJ Dust.

Raw Material Tracklist:

  1. Mars ILL
  2. Sphere of Hip-Hop Pt. 2
  3. We’ll Live Underground
  4. Black Market
  5. Love’s Not
  6. Monotone
  7. Unsound
  8. Send a Man
  9. Compound Fractures
  10. Rap Fans
  11. Sounds of Music
  12. Who Will Answer?
  13. Indulgent Instrumental #1
  14. Try Again
  15. Touch and Go
  16. Indulgent Instrumental #2
  17. Sphere of Hip-Hop (original)
  18. Fade to Black
  19. The Abolition of manCHILD

Listen to Mars Ill Below:

Last year, Mars ILL dropped their comeback single after 13 years. It appears to be a one-off though.