indie tribe.

indie tribe. is Still On the Move…with New Members

indie tribe is back with new faces to bring us something we never knew we were waiting for.

Despite suffering a massive setback in January when a car was broken into and much of
Cinemaddox’s (indie tribe’s videographer) equipment was stolen, the tribe has bounced back

Now, rumors are reaching a fever pitch behind the recent success of the group’s new single “OUTSIDE,” a heartfelt ballad expressing gratefulness and reverence to God for His creation and His work in the groups’ lives. The collective is known for keeping the fans on their toes and this major announcement is no different.

After months of swirling speculation, social media suggestions, and dropping hints, one fact has finally officially surfaced: indie tribe. is back, and it’s got a new look, as they welcome Christian rap’s funniest rapper Jon Keith and the DJ and wrestling phenom DJ Mykael V to the roster!

The “new” indie tribe. = Mogli the Iceburg and nobigdyl + Jon Keith and Dj Mykael V!

indie tribe.
With their signature slogan “tribe on the move,” indie tribe. is definitely living up their name, keeping the fans on the edge of their seats guessing what the next few months could hold. With the quiet release of a new Spotify page that already boasts nearly 31,000 monthly listeners and has the new single “OUTSIDE” already sitting at over 75k, anticipation is building for what’s coming next.

Fans have been asking questions for months like: How many new members can we expect to see as part of the new indie tribe? When can we expect new music and visuals to drop? What will the new indie tribe move like?

Everybody seems to have an opinion, but one thing is for sure: whatever they have coming next is sure to be worth the wait! Stay tuned for our interview with the new members coming soon!

Who did you think would be a good fit for indie tribe?

Written with Solachi Voz. She is an artist, writer, and owner of Solachi Writes, Ink, a creative writing and digital presence agency in the Bay Area, CA. Follow her @SolachiVoz

Solachi Voz

Written by Solachi Voz

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