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indie tribe. is Back!

Alright, so in case you’ve been living under a rock, up until last year, indie tribe. was a force that consisted of nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, Jarry Manna, and WHATUPRG. Last year, Manna and RG announced their departure on the same day leaving us wondering what would happen to the tribe.
Well, ponder no further, the indie tribe. 2.0 is here with nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, DJ Mykael V, and Jon Keith. The new-look group dropped a quiet release single with “Outside” featuring dyl and Mogli, and “Holy Smoke” the next single will be dropping this Friday the 14th.
We’ve also got part one of an interview dropping with them as well that will talk about the two new tracks, plus a rundown of how the four of them got together.

5 Artists You May Not Have Heard of

Luc DiMarzio is back with his 5 Artists You May Not Have Heard of Yet for the month of May, and you know what. I’m going to let him tell you himself.
So check them out and let us know what you think.

Vote on Submissions

As I said last week, we have unveiled a new way to post submissions. We’re grouping them all together and asking the Rapzilla audience to vote on their favorite track. Then we’ll select the winners of the month!

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