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DMX Christian Songs & Prayers

The Hip-Hop community recently lost rap icon DMX. The artist also proclaimed Jesus but also very publicly battled his demons. On each of his projects, he also had either a prayer, a completely profanity-free quote and quote Christian track and sometimes both. 
We take a look at every one of those songs and highlight how despite his shortcomings, he was also seeking to get closer to God. When he passed, there were hundreds and thousands of comments from people saying how those tracks ministered to them. Give it a read on Rapzilla.com.

Reach Records Executive Produces Film Soundtrack

Reach Records recently signed on to be the executive producer for the soundtrack of the Netflix film ‘Blue Miracle’which releases globally on the streaming platform starting May 27, 2021.
The soundtrack will feature original Urbano Latino music from Reach Records artists including Lecrae, GAWVI, WHATUPRG, 1K Phew, and more.
This is a huge move for CHH and would love to see more go this route. 

Top 10 Christian Rap Albums of March & April

You know Luc DiMarzio loves his lists and this time he’s bringing you his 10 favorite CHH projects from March and April. His list features everyone from legends like Propaganda and Krum to newcomers like Hulvey and Coop. Check out the full list on Rapzilla.com

Justin Bieber and Celebrity

Elijah Matos brought us a thoughtful piece inspired by Justin Bieber’s new album Freedom. and in it, he talks about how Bieber and other celebrities who follow Jesus deserve as much grace as well all do. 
Here’s an excerpt: 
“As for the celebrities themselves, the movement of our hearts should always be that they, like any other, would grow in their faith, not be pushed into a chasm of legalism. A celebrity is just another image-bearer whose talents have amassed them an audience, but they are no less human because of the attention they have earned. They are still prone to wandering. They will still make mistakes. They are still in need of grace, so may we embrace the nuance of correcting that which is wrong, and celebrating that which is truly good.”

1K Pson Interview

Lastly, we have another Freshmen 2021 interview up, this time for 1K Pson. He talks about turning down a well-connected label signing to follow God’s plan. Read it on Rapzilla

Sponsored Shout Out

Today’s sponsored shout-out is Byron Woo who dropped his music video for “Ok.” You can watch it now on Rapzilla’s YouTube channel!

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