DaBoomsha Releases 5-track EP ‘Everything Good Will Come’

One of Nigeria’s most prolific Christian rappers popularly known as DaBoomsha has released his highly anticipated project Everything Good Will Come, his first project since the release of the joint album Peace of God with Stoute Louis.

DaBoomsha is known for his wordplay and keeps raising the bar higher than we ever thought, dishing out gems in his songs.

Everything Good Will Come is a five-track EP that summarizes Da Boomsha’s journey lately and celebrating his wins all through. He also pours out his mind on “Heart Cry,” where he shares his experience especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period as there was a rise in the number of robberies and insecurity at that time in the country.

“Everything Good Will Come,” the title track and fourth song on the project has Da Boomsha optimistic for better days than ever. It’s evidence that good things will surely come to those who seek the face of the lord in diligence.

Listen to DaBoomsha Below:


Written by Olusola Adenusi

I'm a content creator, writer, music critic, lover of Politics. Nigerian. Christ lover. Lead Writer for iRapChrist (A Christian hip hop platform).

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