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Andy Mineo Never Land 2

Andy Mineo dropped an IG post where he said Never Land 2 is on the way. In the words of Michael Scott, “It’s happening!” and how do we know, there were pictures to prove it!

Jarry Manna and Parris Chariz

Last year Jarry Manna left indie tribe, but this year, he joins Parris Chariz on his World 45 Record label. The wave bros are back! The pairing honestly seems like a match made in heaven. Congratulations fellas.

indie tribe Interview

Speaking of indie tribe. There’s an interview with them up on our channel right now! We talked about the BTS details of “Holy Smoke” and “Outside” and how they got Fred Hammond on their track. This is a pretty funny story that you won’t want to miss. Also, there’s plenty more of that interview to come.

10 Overused Phrases

Rappers, we’re coming for your bars! We have another list of 10 overused phrases in CHH. These are the tried and true cliques that many have dropped. Well, we’re tired, or at least Ed Boice is tired of hearing these lines. So check out that article now.

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