Like every other music genre in existence, there are certain phrases that are too popular among songwriters. Christian Rap is no different. Since you all liked the first article so much, we decided to do another. So, here are 10 more overused Christian Rap Cliches and Lines.

These choices are in no specific order. Also, the descriptions and choices are strictly my opinion and are subjective.

10. “Late Nights Writing

The issue with this phrase is how often this happens within the general public. Not only are hundreds of artists doing the exact same thing, but so are college students, journalists, public relations specialists, and many other writers and people of almost any occupation. Staying up late with a can of Red Bull is not special, so stop saying it as if it is.

9. “Have Sex with My Wife”

Usually, rappers will rap a line similar to the one above after saying a line about promiscuous people and other women need to stay away or how having sex among multiple women is not healthy. While this is all true, and this is a truth that needs to be shared, the bars around this idea are usually plain.  Thankfully, I haven’t heard anything too revealing in CHH. For those of you who have gone into some detail about your personal time, I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one wants to hear that.

8. Cutting Friends Off

Much like late nights writing, cutting off friends is a common life choice. Yes it is emotionally taxing, and yes it can be difficult, but it happens to people from all walks of life. Rapping about a specific instance may be an interesting and engaging song or bar, but just mentioning it is uninteresting. Great writing, in general, contains specific instances and colorful language. So stay away from this normal term and go beyond the surface of what happened.

7. Christians Are In A Blood Gang

The combination of Jesus’ blood that binds Christians together with modern-day gangs used to be a unique and creative way to say the body of Christ. So many rappers have used it at this point, however, that it is not unique anymore. Much like comparing the Bible to a gun, the theme has gotten stale from overuse. This can be still used in a creative way I think, so try to be original with it or put it in a really good bar.

6. High Off The Holy Spirit

Comparing the effects of smoking marijuana to Christian’s spiritual connection to a part of the Holy Trinity to me is a line meant to make rappers look cool. It reminds me of an elementary school boy who repeatedly says bad words in school. To kids, he’s cool because he’s so rebellious. To adults, they view the kid as an attention seeker. That is what I think rappers are doing when using this theme, they want attention.

5. Parental Advisory Christian Content Graphics

This is the most cringy trend in CHH to me. Taking the Parental Advisory sticker and swapping “explicit” for “Christian.” It is used to grab someone’s attention. These are essentially the music artwork version of clickbait YouTube thumbnails. While it works in grabbing attention, the technique is ultimately shallow because using that altered sticker adds nothing to the art which is supposed to physically describe the song. Also, I find the song does not deliver quality content usually.

4. “Angels all around”

This line is probably the most artistic one on this list. It has alliteration and it’s simple and short. All good aspects to have. Where it falls, however, is in its overuse. In the Bible, having multiple angels together means something important is going on. When rappers say “angels all around,” however, usually they are not referring to a spectacular event. Most of the time, the line is supporting the verse or bars’ message that God is behind a rapper and they are essentially important.

3. Calling Yourself An Apostle

Whether it be a name, alias, or in a line, calling yourself an apostle is a bit too prideful. In the Christian faith, Apostle basically means someone who is sent by God to build His church. The problem with calling yourself an apostle is that the title in the Bible is reserved for those who Jesus specifically called to grow his church. Specifically, this would be the 12 disciples and Paul. While calling yourself an apostle for a line or artist name is not going to send you to hell, using it waters down the true purpose of the title.

2. “Out of the Mud”

This is overused, plain and simple. Much like late nights writing, getting out the mud is a phrase widely used by most, if not all, subgenres of Hip-Hop. While celebrating getting out of poverty or a bad situation is fine, that phrase does not do your experience justice. Be more descriptive and specific as to how you “got out the mud.”

1. “I don’t do this for the money”

There can be many arguments about this line and its intentions. Without getting into the argument of whether Christian artists should be paid, it can come off as corny. If you have made the decision to invest time and money into your art to spread the gospel, then good for you. This line is said so much, however, that it is now a stale trend, weakening your verse. Some of you want money though, so don’t lie to us or yourself.

Those are 10 more Christian Rap overused cliches and lines! Do you think these need to be in fewer songs? Are there ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!