Wande Supports Atlanta’s Black-Owned Businesses in New Video; Reveals Plans for Own Brand

Wande’s intention of collaborating, co-writing, and sharing the canvas continue to help her create powerful content. “Blessed Up” was her introduction to the Christian rap community and now two years later it lives anew.

Wande’s new music video featuring Lecrae and Mike Todd on the “Blessed Up (Remix)” walks through iconic Atlanta while also introducing some of the area’s Black-owned businesses.

In a recent press conference via Zoom, Wande shared about the music video.

The rapper said she is excited about being able to share these brands with friends and people in her community.

Wande and her team wanted to use this remix to highlight others. Both she and manager, Erinn Knight, are entrepreneurs themselves.

“For me, it’s very important to support Black-owned businesses because I feel like African Americans, we’re an underserved community, and if you date back to slavery and all the madness, our starting point was much lower than a lot of other businesses,” she said. “I feel like it’s really important to highlight them just so we have a level playing field. I feel that bringing awareness as well just helps businesses grow at large. So I always want to support minorities because we don’t always get the same resources and advantages as other people.”

Wande also talked about the impact of the pandemic on businesses and shared tips for new owners during this time.

She recommended looking into government resources that could benefit owners. She also mentioned learning to pivot in order to stay relevant amidst the changing focus or needs of society.

In addition, she talked about Black Girls Link, featured in her music video, which started during the pandemic.

BGL is a “Black women-led network committed to empowering Black women professionally in any field they are in or want to pursue.” Wande said this was a special place to go that allowed her to relate, and link up with women who put in the hard work.

Wande spoke briefly on her own, WIN brand, which currently is focused on WIN Beauty, but is soon to go through a streamlining process that focuses on both men’s and women’s products.

She is currently in the filming of OWN’s “Young and Gospel” and looking forward to a summer of ‘Rap Wande’, collabs, and her promoting recently released Discord channel.

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Written by Maggie

Maggie Salyers is currently a content marketer. She has also worked in social media. Maggie tries to listen to a variety of music but spends the most time with Christian hip-hop, Americana/Folk, and 80s dance tracks. She loves how the Lord has shared the ability to create, and how that gift aids in multiplying the Kingdom.

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