Last year, Wande jumped on Community During Chaos to talk about her experiences in 2020. During the conversation, Wande gave her thoughts on how Christian Rap could come together more as a genre.

In her opinion, while the new generation of artists has done more collaborating than previous generations, being open to each other is needed.

“I feel there’s still the mentality of I’m an individual brand and I bring someone into my brand. It’s collaboration versus a whole crew or collaborations.”

Wande brought up the classic 116 Clique as an example. They were artists building up the brand together to form something great as opposed to trying to build on their own.

“It’s much easier if we’re trying to grow as one ideology and one situation.”

A good example of this is the 2020 Reach Records summer playlist. According to Ace Harris, the attitude of the playlist was one of a cookout. Inviting a bunch of people to dissolve distancing between people.

Watch Wande Below: (52:13 mark):