Shirlvin Desir dropped his track “SAVED” off the Revived album. Here’s what he said about the song:

“My song ‘SAVED’ is about coming to God and changing my life around by finding my salvation and later getting baptized. ‘Saved’ is about having power over the enemy I made this song to express how I felt after my baptism having (Strength, Consistency, Resiliency & Dominion) and also sharing about how I once was a lukewarm Christian but now I am ready to shine and show the world that I’m not afraid to serve God.

My song ‘SAVED’ has different messages in the Chorus, first verse & second verse, the chorus is about getting out of the water and being saved having a life-changing moment then the first verse is about conflict with the devil, and overcoming second verse is about the blessings that God has given me and how good God is to me and how I want to use the blessings he’s given me it to change and help my brothers and sisters of the world.”

Listen to Shirlvin Desir Below: